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With 60 years experience, Cincotti & Company operates nationwide and abroad in the loss adjusting and claims management.


In 1963 Dario Cincotti started his activity of loss adjuster for several insurance companies. In 1980, being ahead of his time, he founded his first loss adjusting company and started to expand his territories with the opening of the premises in Roma and then in Perugia, Mogliano V, Milano, Bari and Palermo.

Dario, Cincotti, undisputed and respected point of reference in the loss adjusting, has always cooperated with the main Insurance groups and created relevant partnership with important international companies..


With 60 years experience, Cincotti & Company operates nationwide and abroad in the loss adjusting and claims management through the collaboration of talented and dynamic experts with a diverse range of skills, fully handling the whole process of claims and carrying out specialised activities regarding major and complex claims.
Cincotti & company is constantly committed to ensuring a timely, efficient, open and high quality service through tried and tested procedures and carefully monitored thanks innovative IT systems.
Choosing our cooperation means finding the successful combination between tradition and innovation, a well organized and flexible structure and a response capability in terms of difficult needs through a young and proactive team.

Team of Experts

Our team of experts with a diverse range of skills and expertise grant the full knowledge of standards and rules of insurance sector and technical subjects. Each individual’s skills and competences are exalted by an essential and wise organization of our team.
Our structure cooperates with specific experts who support our loss adjusters in the managing of complex claims (agronomists, structural engineers, fire investigators, business consultants, etc).

This way the complementarity of specializations and the integration of each individual’s knowledge are the strong points that grant the timely delivery of high technical level services offered by a cohesive team. Our loyal experts working on an exclusive basis for Cincotti & Company are constantly supported by tutors who encourage their training and continued education to ensure a persistent high level service.




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